What is the first step in buying a home? Real estate experts agree that long before you peruse listings or check out open houses, you should talk to a lender about getting a mortgage.

“Talk to your bank or a reputable mortgage company to see what you qualify to purchase,” explains Rosanne Nitti, a Realtor® with RMN Investments & Realty Services, in Laguna Beach, CA.

Why financing is the first step in buying a home

While figuring out financing might not sound like the most exciting way to embark on your house hunt, it’s essential. Unless you have enough cash lying around to buy a house outright—and let’s face it, few do—you’ll need a loan. And lenders don’t just hand out loans to everyone who walks in their door. Rather, they’ll need to review your financial history to determine how much money they’re willing to fork over.

 | Aug 1, 2017